Cyber-Physical-Social Systems (CPSS) - Applications in crane operation

Lecture / Panel
For NYU Community

Cyber-Physical-Social Systems (CPSS) - Applications in Crane Operation

Yihai Fang
Postdoctoral Associate
Rinker School of Construction Management
University of Florida

Managing complex and dynamic construction projects is challenging as it highly relies on real-time communication and seamless coordination of numerous spatially and temporally dispersed actors in physical, cyber, and social systems (e.g., assets, models, personnel) at a massive scale. By integrating human factors as part of a system, a Cyber-Physical-Social System (CPSS) encompasses not only cyberspace and physical world, but also human knowledge, mental capacity, and sociocultural elements. This presentation will start with an application of CPSS in crane lifting operations with a focus on enabling real-time intelligent operator assistance for improved situation awareness (SA) and lift performance in safety and efficiency. It will continue to discuss a vision of CPSS-based intelligent construction environment by leveraging Internet of Things (IoT), 5D project model, and knowledge management. 

Yihai Fang is a Postdoctoral Associate at the Rinker School of Construction Management at the University of Florida. He received his B.S. in Civil Engineering from Tongji University in 2011 and M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Civil Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 2014 and 2016, respectively. His research interests include construction safety, Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), Building Information Modeling (BIM), Virtual Reality (VR), and Human System Integration (HSI). Yihai’s work has been published in journals including Automation in construction, Journal of Construction Engineering and Management, and Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering, and is funded by industry and federal/state agencies including Chevron, National Science Foundation (NSF), and Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT).