The New Silk Road: A Global Engineering Renaissance

Conference / Symposium
For NYU Community

All aboard! Don’t miss out on the largest civil engineering and construction program in world history!

7 international corridors
60+ nations
4.4 billion people
$21 trillion in projects

China's New Silk Road program (the Belt and Road Initiative) is sweeping across Asia, into Africa and Europe, creating immense international opportunities for today's engineering students and domestic opportunities to bring large-scale infrastructure development to America.

Take advantage of “The New Silk Road: A Global Engineering Renaissance” to learn about how you can benefit from this historic initiative. Experience in-depth presentations and discussion with leading world experts on:

  • Recent engineering accomplishments in Asia (such as the Three Gorges Dam).
  • Planned mega-projects such as the Kra Canal (to be constructed across Thailand) and bridging the Bering Strait, connecting the United States and Russia.
  • The infrastructure needs of the Americas, including specific projects for the United States to engage in, as part of a needed national infrastructure build-up. The ASCE says $3.6 trillion of projects are required by 2020 in the U.S.
  • Engineering and career opportunities for American students, engineers and engineering firms.

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