Structuring to Manage Risk - Some Examples From Real Life​

Lecture / Panel
For NYU Community

You are cordially invited to attend the FRE Lecture scheduled on Thursday, February 23. Our invited guest is Ashutosh Tripathi, Former Executive Director at Morgan Stanley who will present a lecture on the following topic:

Structuring to Manage Risk - Some Examples From Real Life

We will take real life examples from macro investing world (based on information that is available in the public domain) to see how successful investors think about global opportunities and how a derivatives/structuring professional translates those views into trades. We will review not only the macro rationale behind the trades, but also the structuring effort that is required for successful execution. We will use these case studies to create a framework to examine risk from the perspective of an investor and derivatives structure.


Ashutosh Tripathi is a finance executive with a track record in areas such as Portfolio Management, Structuring & Advisory, Research, Risk Management and New Business Development. He currently works as a Portfolio Manager where he has successfully risk-managed $20 billion currency portfolio. Prior to that he worked as the Co-head of Interest Rate Structuring at Morgan Stanley. He has had a considerable global experience with companies like Deutsche Morgan Grenfell in Singapore, Merrill Lynch in Japan, and Lehman Brothers in Japan.