Democratizing Finance: How ETF Revolution Has Reshaped Investing

Lecture / Panel
For NYU Community

Dear All,

You are cordially invited to attend the upcoming FRE Lecture of Mr. Monish Shah, Executive Director, ETF Trading at Mizuho Securities USA:


Over a period of ten years, ETFs have experienced an exponential growth, attracting more than $3.2 Trillion in global assets. This has resulted in an expansion of the investor base in the usage of ETFs. Today, every investor - Pension Funds, Active Asset Managers, Hedge Funds, Retail, and Wealth Managers - is employing their asset allocation (fundamental/tactical) and hedging strategies using ETFs. Remarkably, today ETFs account for more than 40% of the total US Equity Trading volume and 70% of the OTC Options Trading volume.

ETF Topics to be discussed:

a)      ETFs: Definition, Reasons for their success, Who uses them, Why you should learn about ETFs

b)      Categories of ETFs, Complex Pricing of ETFs, Creation/Redemption, Risk Management

c)       Arbitrage Trading: Fair Valuation, Statistical Arbitrage

d)      ETF Flash Crash

e)      Careers in ETFs


Mr. Shah is an internationally acclaimed ETF Trader whose proven accomplishments and exceptional achievements in ETF pricing and market-making have received widespread recognition and placed him at the very top of his field. With an impressive track record of success in ETF Electronic and Institutional Flow trading, he brings to the financial markets an outstanding level of knowledge of ETF investment products, excellent analytical skills in reviewing and developing new ETF products and a high degree of specialized expertise in ETF Quantitative Systematic pricing, market-making and hedging that is unique and held by him at an advanced level.

Throughout his career, Mr. Shah has held critical leadership positions with some of the most distinguished investment banking, global market-making and trading firms on Wall Street, such as KCG, formerly known as Knight Capital Group, Goldman Sachs and Mizuho Securities USA, where he exercised significant authority and assumed the key role of primary liquidity provider while at the same time overseeing the establishment of two ETF businesses, ETF Electronic market-making and Institutional Client-Flow facilitation, and building them from the ground up.

Mr. Shah’s work has had a major impact in accelerating the growth of ETFs in the financial marketplace and in ensuring a fair and stable market for these investment products.  He has been honored with the privilege of appearing on the floor of the NYSE at the ringing of the opening bell ceremony in recognition of the critical role he played as the primary ETF Trader and Lead Market Maker in the development and launching of major new ETF funds.

Mr. Shah was profiled on the front page of the Business Section of The New York Times as the face of a “new breed of Wall Street trader” who was highlighted as “the pick of the global brain crop” in recognition of his high level of specialized knowledge in the pricing and trading of ETFs and his advanced quantitative and computational skills. He has received global recognition in the most influential financial news publications and media where he is regarded as a reputed expert whose market opinions, analyses and timely perspectives are frequently quoted and published for the significant value they provide to investors and investment industry professionals.

Mr. Shah holds a Master of Science degree in Quantitative and Computational from Georgia Institute of Technology and a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Information Technology from University of Mumbai.

Refreshments will be served.