Data Visualization Clinic

For NYU Community

Come to this discussion-based session to learn about best practices, tips, and inspirations for creating versatile visualizations.

If you are currently working with data and have begun working through your data visualizations, bring your graphics to the workshop to showcase your work and receive feedback. You may also share a favorite visualization you’ve encountered for discussion and technical analysis. Examples of visualizations include plots and charts (network graphs, scatterplots, histograms, line graphs, word clouds, etc.) and maps (choropleth, heat, topographic, thematic, point density, etc.)

The session will begin by dedicating time to understanding the scope and variety of visualizations available; examining best practices and the pitfalls of making good charts, tables, and maps; and building a framework that establishes goals for visualizations. The session will then continue with focused analysis of participants’ working visualizations. 

Please register and submit your visualization for the discussion ahead of time via this link. All submissions are welcome regardless of complexity.

Class Materials