Additive Manufacturing: New Horizons in Research and Industry

Conference / Symposium
For NYU Community

A global symposium at NYU Tandon School of Engineering to discuss the state of the art in additive manufacturing (3D printing) technology research, education, and industrial practice.

  • ASME perspective on future AM directions
    Raj Manchanda (American Society for Mechanical Engineers)
  • The Bremen AM Habitat: From Academic Research to Industrial Application
    Dirk Lehmhus (University of Bremen)
  • NYU Abu Dhabi - Current capabilities and research directions in Additive Manufacturing
    Khaled Shahin (NYUAD)
  • Powder Production and Heat Treatment Technologies for Additive Manufacturing
    Axel von Hehl (IWT, Bremen)
  • Metallic Additive Manufacturing research at Army Research Lab
    Brandon Mcwilliams (Army Research Lab, Aberdeen)
  • Programmed materials
    Ohad Meyuhas (Stratasys)
  • Sensor Integration in Additive Manufacturing - A Survey
    Dirk Lehmhus (University of Bremen)
  • Voids in Materials: Building functionality
    Gary Gladysz (Dixie Chemicals)
  • Additive manufacturing in biomedical applications
    Paulo Coelho (NYU College of Dentistry)

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