Discovering Engineering Research: Elsevier Databases

For NYU Community

​Elsevier produces two major science and engineering research and reference databases that are available to the NYU Community: Knovel and Compendex.

Do you ever need a quick formula? A chemical or physical property?  A short overview of a process or some other technical information?  Want to review a handbook of biochemistry or energy management? Quickly find all this and more in the KNOVEL database. This online science and engineering reference collection includes material properties, process and design information, best practices, equations, and interactive graphs and tables.

The Compendex (COMPuterized ENgineering inDEX) database is an index to the major journals in all engineering disciplines. Learn to use the powerful tools available to find the most important research that has been published on your topic.

Attend this workshop to learn how to best use these databases. To access Knovel and Compendex, go to the list of engineering specific databases and log in if prompted

To register: Discovering Engineering Research: Elsevier Databases