InnoVention 2016 Demo Day

For NYU Community

The InnoVention prototyping competition challenges NYU students to validate, prototype and pitch commercially viable ideas for real world problems.

The semester-long competition at NYU is closing off with DemoDay. We started off with 45 pitches and out of those 6 teams are now left standing. These 6 Teams will be pitching to an All-Star panel of judges for a grand prize of $6,500Top teams are also given the highest recommendation for the Summer Launchpad Program. 

Brief Summaries of the 6 remaining competitors:

  • Elements Digital Health: The PocDoc, the Swiss army knife of medical devices, is a low-cost, high-impact Internet-enabled diagnostic tool consisting of an infrared temperature sensor and an electrode-based ECG/EDA/EMG sensor
  • FIT AI: Hardware and software for the fitness market, allowing coaches and athletes to quantify and analyze complete performance
  • Human Insight: A wireless, wearable electrocardiogram (ECG) device that can continuously record and store a user’s cardiac cycle over long periods of time, providing valuable insight into overall health
  • Leg Peg: A brace that will help patients keep weight and stress off of their knees and/or ankles during the rehabilitation process
  • Modulus: Seamlessly integrates smart technology into the construction process to instantly connect on-site work to management
  • Wave Guide: A computer program that will aid reconstructive surgeons as they conduct ultrasound probes for blood vessel detection