Book Talk: ROAD TRAFFIC CONGESTION An Examination of the Causes, Consequences, and Possible Congestion Relief Strategies

For NYU Community

Traffic congestion has been a part of city life since ancient times. Today, traffic congestion is found in cities throughout the world. It continues to increase as cities' population and motorization grow, and public investments in roads and public transportation infrastructure have not adequately kept up with this growth. The current focus on the applications of advanced technologies (ITS) in the real-time management of transportation networks and travel demand, as well as the emerging promise of autonomous vehicles, offer near future expectations for greater transportation efficiency and for a more sustainable traveler and freight mobility.

The presentation will cover five topics:

* Types and Causes of Congestion
* Measuring Congestion
* Impacts of Congestion
* Congestion Relief Strategies
* Future Outlook


Dr. John C. Falcocchio,
Professor, Transportation Planning
& Engineering 

Dr. Herbert S.Levinson
UTRC Icon Mentor