NYCRIN I-Corps Info Session 2015

Workshop / Training
For NYU Community

NYCRIN I-Corps provides faculty and students with an in-depth understanding of the commercialization process, intimate knowledge of markets applicable to their research and can help to build value for transformational ideas. This program requires the team to attend a 2 day in-person course in NYC, attend 5 weekly webinars, and finally attend a 2 day in-person presentation of their discoveries in NYC (see dates below). Most importantly, the teams are required to “get out of the building” and conduct customer discovery by interviewing potential customers to identify the clean technology’s product/market fit.

Apply for NYCRIN I-Corps via the online form here by September 11th!

- New start-up business
- Licensing deal
- 3 fold increase in winning future grants such as an NSF SBIR Phase I ($150K)
- A business plan suitable for review by third-party investors
- Students prepared to be entrepreneurially competitive
- Connections to investors, key government officials, potential customers and strategic business partners

NYCRIN I-Corps Fall ‘15
Kickoff: October 5-7th
WebEx: October 15, 22, 29, November 5, 12
Finale: November 16-17th