NYU-ePoly Online 3-Course Undergraduate Computer Science Pilot

For NYU Community

NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering is happy to announce that an online undergraduate course pilot will be offered this May, summer 2015 semester. This online 3-Course Sequence will consist of the below courses, in which participants can qualify for a full tuition fee waiver:

  • CS-UY 4793: Computer Networking - Professor Yong Liu & TBA
  • CS-UY 3923: Computer Security - Professor Mike Sosokin
  • CS-UY 3933: Network Security - Professor Keith O’Brien

To qualify this tuition fee waiver, you must be a current NYU student and register for all online courses in this sequence. Please note that this pilot requires the below pre-requisites:

  • Computer Architecture
  • Operating Systems
  • Data Structures and Algorithms

Completion of all three courses can be used to obtain a minor in Cybersecurity. Online courses will be using NYU-ePoly’s revolutionary Active Learning format, which incorporates high quality audio, video, and animation among other interactive elements. Students participating will also have access to all of NYU-ePoly’s student resources, including our ePoly Help Desk for assistance.

Attend our upcoming webinar info-session and learn how you can participate in this exciting pilot program!


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