Ideation Openstorm

Workshop / Training
For NYU Community

Design Tinkering and Greenhouse @NYU are happy to host an Ideation phase openSTORM for the Amplify sponsored challenge.

How might parents in low-income communities ensure children thrive in their first five years?

For more information on the challenge visit

We would love for you to join us in brainstorming to come up with more ideas for this socially relevant challenge and also prototype some ideas towards the end! We will brainstorm together to create ideas and then prototype some of them to get them closer to reality.

So if you are interested in brainstorming or want to get your hands dirty and prototype, then join us for this OpenStorm as we come together as a group and create meaningful soultions to this challenge!

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P.S. The tickets are refunded on attendance. This is to ensure we plan our event for exactly the right number of people.

Price: $10