Game Innovation Lab presents: Flailing, Screaming and Laughing with Jane Friedhoff

Lecture / Panel
For NYU Community

Description: Jane Friedhoff will talk about how her upbringing in riot grrrl culture influenced her technological practice. While recognizing the movement’s flaws, she will discuss how its embrace of deliberate grunginess, obvious awkwardness, and unapologetically and joyfully taking up space have shaped her body of games across platforms and genres. She’ll additionally discuss how pursuing deliberately awkward and messy design choices can result in powerful playful and transgressive experiences.

Bio: Jane Friedhoff is a creative technologist and game designer who creates delightful and ridiculous experiences. Her games include Scream ‘Em Up, 2nd Amendment, and Slam City Oracles. Her work has been shown at Babycastles, Different Games, No Quarter, Indiecade, GDC, and E3. She is also a co-founder of the Code Liberation Foundation, which provides free, trans-inclusive game design and programming classes for women. If a project involves screaming, awkwardness, or dance parties, she’s probably into it.