IEEE Signal Processing in Medicine and Biology Symposium

Conference / Symposium
For NYU Community

Signal processing plays a broad role in the development of medical devices and in the analysis of physiological signals. This symposium provides a forum for the presentation of research and development in signal processing (broadly defined) in medicine and biology. We invite engineers, scientists, practitioners, and students to submit papers or abstract for presentation at the symposium.

Conference website / Call for papers

Plenary speakers
  • Jose Moura - Carnegie Mellon University

Modeling the Spread of Epidemics

  • Lucas Parra - City College of New York

   Evoked potentials of the brain predict human behavior


Symposium scope

  Analysis of EEG, ECG, respiratory and other biomedical signals
  Linear and nonlinear filtering
  Adaptive filtering and prediction
  Medical imaging - image formation, analysis, etc.
  Time-frequency and non-stationary signal analysis
  Machine learning and classification
  Multi-sensor and array processing
  Signal processing methods in bioinformatics
  Component analysis (PCA, ICA, etc.) and source separation
  Synchronization, coherence, coupling, connectivity and causality
  Artifact rejection
  Brain-computer interfaces (BCI)
  Nonlinear dynamics and system modeling
  Biomedical instrumentation for novel signal measurement
  Open problems, emerging techniques and applications

  •   IEEE-USA
  •   Polytechnic Institute of NYU (NYU-Poly)
  •   City College of New York (CCNY)

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