Your Elevator Speech - How to Market Yourself to Employers in 30 Seconds!

For NYU Community

An elevator speech is a short summary of who you are and what you offer, like a super condensed resume! It's important to know and practice to be prepared for any situation where presenting yourself positively can be beneficial to your career. At our event, we will teach you how to prepare your pitch, let you practice it, and give you feedback on how to improve your technique. We will also be serving dinner to those who participate in this event. 

The event is free to attend, and everyone interested in furthering their careers should join! To RSVP, email MAILPOLYSHRM@GMAIL.COM.
PolySHRM is run by students for students, and we truly value your participation.

Please take a couple seconds to check out our pages; join/like/follow us, and spread the word. We're a diverse group, and the international connections that can be made at Poly are abundant. Let's take advantage of leveraging our network to its fullest, and build a vibrant community!

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