CSAW Cybersecurity Summer Bootcamp for High School Teachers

For NYU Community

The NYU-Poly CSAW Cybersecurity Summer Bootcamp provides a unique opportunity for high school educators to receive training and development in cybersecurity as part of a two-year study sponsored by the National Science Foundation.

This event is designed to create a nation-wide high school forensics challenge allowing thousands of students to participate and get a first hand experience working on security related issues.

Twenty teachers will be selected for this all-expense-paid, stipend-supported weeklong program that will train high school teachers to mentor and coach teams to take part in NYU-Poly’s annual CSAW High School Forensics challenge and facilitate integration of cybersecurity topics in their high school curriculum. This event will work with teachers to develop a portal of web resources for high school students to facilitate their engagement in extra curricular and self-learning activity in the area of cybersecurity.

Teachers will receive guided training in the fundamentals of cyber forensics and other security-related disciplines of computer science as well as participate in cybersecurity challenges.


  • Q1. Will commuting participants get housing allowance?
  • A: No. Housing allowance is only for participants from out of town. However, commuting faculty will be reimbursed for local travel up to $500.
  • Q2. Are participants from out of town required to stay in the hotel arranged by the organizers?
  • A: Not necessarily but Polytechnic has secured rooms at the Sheraton Hotel which is just two short blocks from campus. We have limited space, therefore indicate your housing preference at the time of application.
  • Q3. Do the participants have to have a degree in Mathematics or Computer Science?
  • A: This is not a requirement, however basic knowledge of mathematics and computer science is very helpful.
  • Q4. Are the participants expected to have prior collaboration between their high schools and local universities?
  • A: One of the aims of the CSAW training bootcamp is to help the teachers to take initiatives in this matter. However this is not the requirement for our selection process.
  • Q5. Are the participants expected to have prior experience with engaging young female students in STEM?
  • A: This is not a requirement, however 40% of the participants of the summer camp are selected to train young female students and prepare them for the CSAW competition.
  • Q6. Is solid knowledge of the special topics to be discussed in the boot camp required, and if so, what level?
  • A: Solid knowledge is not “required”, and the organizers are designing the lectures and projects during the camp to help the participants maximize their experience. However a basic knowledge and interest in the topic will be very helpful.

    Thank you for your interest in the CSAW Summer Bootcamp for High School Teachers. This year's program is now full and we are no longer accepting applications.