NYU-Poly Alumni Family Day at the NY Hall of Science

For NYU Community

Alumni, bring your family and join us as we celebrate science and to reconnect with your former classmates living the NY metropolitan area on Saturday, March 9, 2013.

"Built initially as a pavilion for the 1964 World's Fair, the New York Hall of Science is now New York City's hands-on science and technology center. Since 1986, NYSCI has served over seven million children, parents and teachers. NYSCI's mission is to convey the excitement and understanding of science and technology to children, families, teachers and others by galvanizing their curiosity and offering them creative, participatory ways to learn. NYSCI features the largest collection of hands-on science exhibits in New York City. Visitors of all ages can explore over 450 interactive exhibits."  - New York Hall of Science

We have tours and demos scheduled for all ages!
Enjoy an incredible 3D film!
Join us for lunch too!

Alumni Attending (as of 2/22/13)...
Ann-Marie Abraham '04
Omar Alequin '12
Igor Altshuler '95
Pang Au '98
Ernest Alvarez '55
Rukhsana Bari '95
Shafiqa Bekker '99
Alice Blume-Yackavage '92
Jonathan Chan '02
Narinder Chandna '79
Wanda Chang '08
Robert Chang '86
Leonid Chernov '95
Atiyah Conry '01
Ralph DeFeo '73 '75
Clifford Fava '75
Danny Feygin '02 '05
Zak-id  Gamarra '11
Michael Giordano '91
Eileen Harding-Taylor '85
Kishon Hickman '01
Charles Hinkaty '70 '72

Johnny Hoy '92
David Hsu '99
Liz Huang '04 '07
Clifford Jones '01
Michael Lambert '93

Lizzie Ling '01
Jeffrey Maines '83
Svetlana Malamud '96
Mikhail Malamud '96

Allandel Manipon '03
Adrienne Markowski '07 '10
Mihir Mehta '11
Richard Mezic '91
Horace Morancie '58
Pierre Morita '91

Fedor Postigo '10
Reno Rafly '11
Jorge L Reyes '98
Ashish Ruhani '10
Paul Russo '89
Ali Shamoun '91

Leonard Singh '98
Albert Suhu '88
Thomas Sun '90
Pierre Syldor '09

Kai Tham '86
Leonid Vayner '95
Paulina Vizgan '94

Victoria Weidemann '07
Rong Wu '05

Online Registration for NYU-Poly Alumni Family Day at the NY Hall of Science is closed. If you would like to register (up until Friday, March 8th at Noon) please email Rena Rutkovsky, Alumni Relations Officer at