Naples Alumni Gathering

For NYU Community

Enjoy spectacular Venetian Bay views, exceptional food, and the company of fellow Poly alumni at one of the most delicious waterfront restaurants in Naples, Florida, M Waterfront Grille. We will have a private room for brunch with a special tasting menu featuring continental cuisine and festive cocktails.

Alumni and friends will also have the opportunity to hear from Professor Chris Leslie, an instructor in the NYU-Poly Department of Technology, Culture and Society. Professor Leslie will also be speaking on "Innovation and the Internet". Below is a synopsis.

"Innovation and the Internet"
The technical history of the Internet from the first networks for missile defense to the dot-com era offers fascinating insights into how to encourage innovation, especially when we dig deeper beneath the surface story that is too often presented. When we consider the role of the international community, informal computing groups ("hackers"), and the partnerships between universities and industry, we learn that defense research was only a part of what supported the new discoveries that made the Internet possible. This alternative story has a lot to tell us about creating the next generation of Internet technologies and how one can manage innovation for sustainable development.

Registration for this event has closed. Please call Rena Rutkovsky at (347) 371-0956 with questions.