US Navy Presentation about scholarships and engineering job opportunities

For NYU Community

Come meet with Naval Officers from the US Navy on Tuesday, December 4, 2012 from 12pm to 1pm in the Private Dining Room. They will be discussing various opportunities and scholarships that are available to Poly students. Lunch will be served.

Planning and carrying out important construction projects around the globe. Overseeing key capabilities and personnel on some of the world’s most advanced ships. Developing expertise in everything from engines to weapons guidance systems to weather patterns. The thinkers and doers involved in the Engineering and Applied Science communities of America’s Navy take on a broad range of professional challenges. Gaining experience on a scale beyond what the private sector typically provides.

They work in areas that include Civil Engineering, Construction and Building, Electronics, Mechanical and Industrial Technology, Oceanography and Meteorology, and Surface Warfare. And whether repairing propulsion systems or helping to rebuild in the wake of natural disasters, these Officers are more than determined to get the job done.

They operate and maintain the most formidable Fleet of nuclear-powered submarines and aircraft carriers on the planet. They pursue the highest degree of intellectual and personal challenges in the nuclear field. They apply nuclear energy and fundamentals of engineering in ways that not only help to defend our national security but also serve to better our world.

These are the men and women of the Navy Nuclear Propulsion community within America’s Navy. Submarine Officers (Nuclear). Surface Warfare Officers (Nuclear). Naval Reactors Engineers. Naval Nuclear Power School Instructors. And Nuclear Operations personnel. Every day, advancing their science through application, collaboration and research. These personnel assume the kind of responsibilities and leadership roles that even their most talented peers wait years to take on.