NYU-ePoly Graduate Online Learning Webinar on Bioinformatics

For NYU Community

Polytechnic Institute of New York University has been at the head of technological advancements for over 150 years ago. We continue that tradition with our bioinformatics program, putting our students at the forefront of medical technology in the fields of genetics, pharmaceutics, and more.  In a world where scientists can easily drown in data, bioinformatics keeps them afloat, making it easy for them to datamine terabytes of information.

Join us for our Bioinformatics Webcast and take the first step towards earning your certificate or master’s degree. As an NYU-Poly online bioinformatics student, you will:

  • Work with experts in the field of bioinformatics, including professionals from Merck, Regeneron, IBM and even the National Institute of Health
  • Participate in our virtual classrooms and e-discussions, stimulated by chat, texting, forums and other applications.
  • Join a workforce of highly sought-after professionals in a field that’s going to expand by 26% in the next year alone.
  • Examine the expansion of the field ignited by the human genome project, and see the advances that have happened since.
  • Earn your Degree in Bioinformatics-anytime and anywhere with any internet based device.

The deadline to apply for spring admission is December 1st, 2012. Learn how you can start your application today by contacting the NYU-ePoly Office at 646.997.3623 or e-mail