Physics-Based Engineering Computations

Lecture / Panel
For NYU Community

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department Seminar Series, Fall 2012

Dr. William W. Liou
WMU Distinguished Faculty Scholar
Professor, Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering
Western Michigan University
Kalamazoo, MI

Differential equations-based simulations provide realizations of focused engineering physics phenomena. The realizations are captured by the solution of the differential equations, which are obtained by numerical integration using advanced high performance computing. Physics-based computer simulations solve the model differential equations of single, or multiple physics (fluid, solid, heat transfer, motions) in a coupled manner, offering engineers a complete picture of the individual physics as well as their interactions. In this talk, numerical methods and computational results will be presented for problems that are of fundamental and applied research interest. Particle-based simulations will also be referenced to contrast continuum, differential equations-based approaches. Click here to view the announcement.


Dr. William W. Liou received his doctoral degree from Penn State University in 1991. Prior to joining Western Michigan University, Dr. Liou worked for six years at the NASA Glenn Research Center. At WMU, he founded a number of centers, labs and externally-funded research units, including the Center for Advanced Vehicle Design and Simulation, CAViDS Hybrid Electric Applied Research Lab, CAViDS Consortium, Computational Engineering Physics Lab, and Turbine Engine Test Cell Lab. His professional research involves computational fluid dynamics (CFD) predictions of fluid flow phenomena and computational modeling of engineering physics.