Fall 2012 Professional Development Webinars

For NYU Community

Live Webinar Presentations by POLY Alumni for POLY Alumni

In the middle of each month the Polytechnic Institute Alumni Association will host a one-hour Webinar that can help you advance your career and move your company forward.

From the convenience of your office or home, and among friends from Poly, you can learn from Poly alumni the experience they have gained over the years they have worked since graduation.
Live, interactive Webinars will be presented monthly from 1:00 – 2:00 PM.  Webinars will also be archived for those who would like to view them but are not free at the time of presentation.
Schedule of Live Webinars for Fall/Winter 2012

Thursday, October 18

Become a Successful Independent Consultant!

Would you like to be your own boss, set your own hours, and have solid earning potential?  If so, establishing your own consulting business could be your ticket to job satisfaction and financial stability.  Running a successful independent consulting business takes hard work, and know-how. This program gives you all the information that you will need to lay a solid foundation to success.

What the participants will learn:

  • Starting your Practice with little or no investment
  • The Hehl & Associates story
  • Everybody can be a consultant
  • Making the successful transition
  • The pros and cons of consulting
  • Avoiding the five common mistakes
  • A low cost/no cost marketing system that works
  • Direct marketing
  • Selling deeper into organizations

The presenter Mark Hehl left the corporate world in 2002 as an executive for the Timex Corporation, to take a chance at becoming an independent consultant.  After a bit of a slow start, Hehl & Associates took off.  Mark now serves clients such as Motorola, Duracell, Johnson & Johnson, Timex and Lufthansa. He enjoys the associated freedom, and "answers to no one" while performing interesting and diverse projects in North America, Asia and Latin America. This program is his way of helping others "live their dreams" as he has.

Wednesday, December 12

Mobile Development

Mobile device usage is still growing despite already being a large source of traffic and revenue for content providers.  There are many options for consumers, businesses, and developers when it comes to choosing devices, providers, and development environments. Sometimes the optimal choice for one group conflicts with the other.  In this Webinar we will explore the current options for consumers, tradeoffs for businesses, and different risks for app developers. We will also discuss emerging technologies and trends as well as best practices in the mobile arena for the different stakeholders.

Presenters Keith Williams Jr. and Eric Levenstein  graduated from Poly in 2006 with BS Degrees; Keith with dual degrees in CE and EE, and Eric in CE.

After graduating Keith worked at the Port Authority of NY and NJ as an Electrical Engineer, and simultaneously pursued an MS in Management of Technology and an MBA in Technology Innovation with a Digital Media Concentration. In his spare time he hosts a comedy podcast, creates electronic music, and writes comedy scripts. He's also a hobbyist Android Application Developer with a focus on Brain Computer Interface Technology.

Eric began working for the Department of Defense after graduation. While there he earned an MS in Telecommunication Networks and an MBA in Innovation and Technology Management.  Eric has taken several formal courses in Android development and consulted on mobile application development.  In his spare time, Eric is a member of a comedy Podcast, is a bicycling enthusiast, and often climbs rocks indoors. Eric has also worked both individually and as a team member on several Android application development projects.

We hope you can join us for one or both webinars. Please let the Office of Alumni Relations know you would like to attend by registering below.