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The Art of Innovation

How to Integrate Creativity in Organizations

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The Art of Innovation Workshop

How can an organization make innovation part of its DNA, so it can fully realize its creative potential? This two-day workshop helps participants understand why developing innovation in a company is a multi-dimensional affair and how they can actively and successfully achieve it.

Innovative organizations mobilize the SOURCES of creativity in a well-designed STRUCTURE and within an appropriately shaped CULTUREIt is the skilful synthesis of 12 key drivers – Talent, Energy, Method, Individual, Team, Target, System, Ideas, Freedom, Engagement, Humor and Risk – that makes an organization innovative.

The Art of Innovation Structures Sources Culture

Dimis Michaelides, author of The Art of Innovation, works in the areas of creativity and innovation, strategy, marketing, and leadership, and is MD of Performa Consulting. He was a Visiting Lecturer at Queen Mary, London University (2005-2007) and is Visiting Faculty at the Cyprus International Institute of Management. He held fulltime posts at the World Bank (Washington, DC), Zeneca and the Council of Europe Development Bank (Paris) and was, most recently, CEO of Laiki Cyprialife, the largest insurance company in Cyprus, where he resides. The workshop is based on an architecture developed after extensive research, selection and application of the best methodologies to bring about an innovative culture in organizations.

Join us for Leader Certification Opportunity

Art of Innovation Certified Leaders have access to the Leaders Forum, a royalty-free license to deliver Art of Innovation Workshops, and the right to purchase workshop materials. Join us for two more days to become a Certified Leader.


n  Deepen their understanding of The Art of Innovation model

n  Explore the structure of The Art of Innovation Workshop

n  Practice delivering multiple aspects of the program

n  Discuss adult learning, group dynamics, and facilitation

n  Review the activities involved in the Art of Innovation Workshop

n  Learn best practices for The Art of Innovation Organization Audit

n  Discuss how to promote The Art of Innovation Workshop

n  Have a good time!


Date:   Friday, Sept. 14th and Saturday, Sept. 15th from 9 AM to 5PM

                Location:    New York City

Fee:     $1995     One time promotion to NYU-Poly alumni and students:  $ 750

Note:                   NYU-Poly faculty may attend this event for free.

Prerequisite:        Completion of the Art of Innovation Workshop


“Innovation has become a buzzword bandied about contemporary organizations but few know how to take innovation beyond window dressing. Dimis does. He provides us with concepts that animate and organize the transformation of creative ideas into innovative products and services, using original art as a powerful metaphor. "

David Magellan Horth, President of the Creative Education Foundation
 and Senior Faculty at the Center for Creative Leadership

"The Art of Innovation is fun. It's engaging. It uses significantly different modes of interaction. It is self-reflective. It shifted my perspective of myself and others. Everybody can be creative and innovative."

Diana Bing, Former Director, Enterprise Learning, IBM

"A workshop very different from our "normal" courses. I particularly liked the functionality, the excellent presentation skills and the Performa approach."

Chris Santis, Senior Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers

"The value of the workshop is its systemic approach, the way it gives you real insights into what's going on inside your organization … I was amazed at how involved the people became in the process and how deeply they took it on board."

Brad Stackhouse, CEO, Stackhouse Garber Associates

The twelve elements of The Art of Innovation



Dimis Michaelides is a consultant, speaker, university lecturer and author. His Art of Innovation workshops are delivered by himself and certified leaders around the world.

Dr. Joseph Nadan is an “Innovation Sherpa”; he invented, innovated and/or worked on many products and services including EZ Pass, CDROM, and 16:9 HDTV for which he received a 2002 EMMY for Scientific and Technological Advancement. He is Professor, Management of Technology and Business Innovation, and Director of Executive Master’s Degree Programs at New York University Polytechnic Institute. Dr. Nadan is Senior Editor of The International Journal of Innovation Science and a Certified Leader of Art of Innovation Workshops.



Price: $750