Data: From the Ad Graph to the Purchasing Graph

Lecture / Panel
For NYU Community

Speaker: Kevin O'Connor, FindTheBest Inc.


An interactive talk about data and the different ways meaning can be derived
from it. We're currently in the midst of a data-revolution, but data on its
own isn't very useful until we find ways to analyze, interpret, predict and/or
conclude things from it. Kevin will highlight examples of how DoubleClick
used data to help predict what type of Ad a particular user would respond to,
while FindTheBest is using data to drive decision-making.


Kevin O'Connor is the founder of DoubleClick and of FindTheBest, a data-driven
comparison engine launched in 2010 and backed by Kleiner Perkins's sFund.
Kevin has founded or helped found several successful businesses, including
the Intercomputer Communications Corp, ISS, and DoubleClick -- the company
that helped create the economy for the Internet. DoubleClick was eventually
sold to Google in 2007. In addition, Kevin founded his own Venture Capital
firm, O'Connor Ventures, and wrote The Map of Innovation, Creating Something
Out of Nothing, in 2003. Kevin is now working to help bring order to the chaos
of the Web with FindTheBest. For more information about Kevin visit his
Crunchbase or Wikipedia page.