Advanced CMOS Biochips for Point-of-Care Diagnostics

Lecture / Panel
For NYU Community

 Speaker: Dr. Ghafar-Zadeh Ebrahim

Faculty Host: Jonathan Chao



Biochips incorporate a verity of means including electronic, photonic and microfluidic devices; biological materials (living cells, tissue, enzymes, nucleic acid and etc.) and chemical analysis to produce the detectable signals for identification of biological phenomena. Among several competing biochip technologies, Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) process offers the advantages of low cost, integrated, high precision and portable techniques suitable for point-of-care diagnostics.

This talk takes take a close look at CMOS biochip design as a multidisciplinary approach encompassing: microelectronic design and implementation of bio-capacitive interfaces and biochemical design and development as well as microfluidics.


About the Speaker

Ebrahim Ghafar-Zadeh received the BSc degree in electrical engineering from KNT, Tehran, Iran, in 1994, the MSc degree in electrical engineering from Tehran University, Tehran, in 1997, and the PhD degree in electrical engineering from Polytechnique Montreal, Montreal, QC, Canada, in 2008. In 1997, he joined the electrical engineering department at SCU University, Ahvaz, Iran, as Lecturer. Currently, he is a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Bioengineering, University of California at Berkeley. His research interests include the circuit and system design for integrative biology and point-of-care diagnostics.