Polytechnic’s Label-Free Biosensor for Single Virus Detection: Past, Present, and Future

Lecture / Panel
For NYU Community

Applied Physics Colloquium

Stephen Arnold

Polytechnic Insitute of NYU
Departments of Applied Physics and Chemistry


I will describe the birth, evolution and possible future of the Whispering Gallery Mode Bio-Sensor, and the quest for label-free single virus and single molecule detection.

Stephen Arnold is University Professor of Physics and Chemistry and the Thomas Potts Professor of Physics at NYU-Poly. His CV can be viewed on the web page for the MicroParticle PhotoPhysics Lab (  The history of the MicroParticle PhotoPhysics Lab leading up to the invention of the Whispering Gallery Mode Biosensor is described in an article in American Scientist titled “Microspheres, Photonic Atoms, and the Physics of Nothing.”

A description of the Whispering Gallery Mode Biosensor can be found in an article in Nature Methods titled “Whispering Gallery Mode Biosensing.”