The Price and Future of Gold, a Financial Leadership Lecture

Lecture / Panel
For NYU Community

Presented by the Department of Finance and Risk Engineering and the Morton L. Topfer Chair Lecture Series

Savneet Singh

Founder and Chief Operating Officer
Gold Bullion International (GBI)


Mr. Singh will give an overview of the history and demand trends in precious metals investing. He will explain the recent supply and demand factors that have led to a bull market in precious metals while weaving in a macroeconomic analysis that will shed light on the future for gold prices. He will also explore the trend towards physical real assets and the entrepreneurial journey of Gold Bullion International.


Savneet Singh is the founder and chief operating officer of Gold Bullion International (GBI), a leading physical precious metals supplier to the wealth management industry and a graduate of Cornell University. GBI provides an integrated solution that allows investors to order physical precious metals in the same manner as ordering a stock or bond. Singh previously worked as an investment analyst in technology, alternative energy and infrastructure space at Chilton Investment Company. He is also a member of the Board of Ecologic Solutions and Stiki Digital.