Focusing Light at Nanometer Scales

Lecture / Panel
For NYU Community

Applied Physics Colloquium

Speaker: Qi-Huo Wei, Liquid Crystal Institute, Kent State University


In this talk, I will introduce my group’s recent research endeavors in nanoscience. One topic is related to the resistor-network model developed for nanoscale field-effect transistor (nanoFET) sensors, and the predicted interesting scaling behaviors regarding how the nanoFET sensor performance depends on their geometrical sizes. The second topic is related to a few new designs of plasmonic nanoantennas. By using metal-dielectric-metal geometric configurations, we demonstrate strong interactions of such nanoantennas with light, yielding large local field enhancements/focusing and cavity resonances with ultra small mode volume which could find potential applications from single molecule sensing to optoelectronic devices. 

Bio Sketch

Qi-Huo Wei is currently an assistant professor in the Chemical Physics Interdisciplinary Program and the Liquid Crystal Institute at Kent State University. He obtained his PhD in physics from Nanjing University, and did his postdoctoral research at University of Pittsburgh and University of California at Los Angles. His current research interest covers soft matter physics, nanosensors, plasmonic nanophotonics, stimuli responsive liquid crystal polymers and micro- and nanofabrication.