Technology and the Art of Story-telling

Lecture / Panel
For NYU Community

Presented by the Department of Technology Management

Speaker: Hue Rhodes


Many people think that storytelling is only for books and movies. But, technologists have the hardest job in storytelling. From the evolution of nuclear weapons to the Challenger disaster, technologists have tried to tell accurate technology "stories" to decision-makers, with varying degrees of success. In this talk, we will outline what a "story" is (and isn't), look at some examples, and brainstorm strategies on how to tell an impactful technical story.

Speaker Bio

Hue received a B.S.E. from Princeton and an M.S. from Stanford, both in Civil Engineering.  He was a co-founder of When the company was absorbed by Kmart, Hue decided to pursue his passion for filmmaking and enrolled in NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, where he received a faculty commendation for excellence in filmmaking, and attracted the attention of fellow alumnus and mentor, Spike Lee. Hue authored and directed his first feature film "Saint John of Las Vegas" which premiered at the CineVegas film festival, was shown in theaters during fall 2009, and is now available on Netflix.