Switched-Capacitors Power Supplies

Lecture / Panel
For NYU Community

Speaker: Professor Adrian Ioinovici

Faculty Host: Prof. Dariusz Czarkowski


Converters formed by only switches and capacitors, with no magnetic elements, can be used in portable electronic equipment due to their small size, low weight, and high power density. The talk will present the controlled transfer of energy through a switched-capacitor (SC) circuit, the derivation of its voltage gain and efficiency formulas. Step-down and step-up dc-dc converters will be presented, as well as an SC inverter. The use of an SC converter for controlling a quasi-resonant converter will be shown. Then, switched-capacitor and switched-inductor structures will be presented for obtaining converters with large dc voltage ratio.

About the Speaker

Adrian Ioinovici received the degree in electrical engineering in 1974 and the Doctor-Engineer degree in 1981, both in Iasi, Romania. In 1982, he joined the Holon Institute of Technology, Israel, where he is currently a professor in the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Department. During 1990­1995 he was a reader and then a professor in the Electrical Engineering Department, Hong Kong Polytechnic University. His research interests are in simulation of power electronics circuits, switched-capacitor-based converters and inverters, soft-switching dc power supplies, and three-level converters.

Dr. Ioinovici is the author of the book Computer-Aided Analysis of Active Circuits (Marcel Dekker, 1990) and of the chapter “Power Electronics” in the Encyclopedia of Physical Science and Technology (Academic Press, 2001). He has published more than 100 papers in circuit theory and power electronics. Professor Ioinovici has served a few terms as Chairman of the Technical Committee on Power Systems and Power Electronics of the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society. He served repetitive terms as an associate editor for power electronics of the IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems–I and presently serves as an associate editor for power electronics of the Journal of Circuits, Systems, and Computers. He has been an overseas advisor of the IEICE Transactions, Japan. He was chairman of the Israeli chapter of the IEEE CAS Society between 1985­1990, served as General Chairman of the Conferences ISCSC’86, ISCSC’88 (Herzlya, Israel), and SPEC’94 (Hong Kong). He organized and chaired many special sessions in power electronics at ISCAS and PESC conferences. He was a guest editor of special issues of IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems (Aug. 1997 and Aug. 2003) and a special issue on power electronics of Journal of Circuits, System and Computers (Aug. 2003).  Prof. Ioinovici is a Fellow of the IEEE.