Brooklyn Experimental Media Center (BxmC) Open Garage 1.0

For NYU Community

You're Invited!

Come join us at our pop-up BxmC Garage 1.0, gallery show in one of Brooklyn’s most exciting emerging neighborhoods to see and experience student and faculty projects that fuse art, music and technology, to meet the innovators, and to hear about our forthcoming multi-media facility.

About BxmC

BxmC at NYU-Poly is truly experimental, it is the new creative/research arm of NYU-Poly’s art and technology programs. BxmC works with the hard core of New York’s experimental multimedia scene: installation and performing artists, programmers, and interaction designers and architects.

BxmC develops new kinds of partnerships to create new genres and applications, especially those that need underlying technologies of the future such as: extreme modification of an open-source game engine, purpose-built multi-touch screen for music performance, peer-to-peer 3D streaming, live HD video switching using off-the-shelf components, a new high-performance VJ application to facilitate extension and reconfiguration on the fly…these are BxmC.

Don't miss this opportunity to see BxmC in action. Please RSVP below.