Double Take at MetroTech, presented by the Public Art Fund

For NYU Community

Opens November 11, 2009; runs through September 10, 2010

Double Take showcases five new commissions by six emerging artists. Designed with the site's specific conditions in mind, the artists have taken an element of the existing architecture or environment and subjected it to a process of modification or metamorphosis. Each work plays with fantasy and illusion to force a shift in perception, in turn creating a mirage of sorts. Nothing is as it seems: a chain-link fence dissolves into pixels, a bonfire yearns for its flame, outdoors is indoors, a ghost lurks, and a lamppost bends. Double Take celebrates the curious over the comfortable, the strange over the simple, and the mysterious over the mundane.


  • Michael DeLucia, Untitled (fences), 2009 (near Dibner Library)
  • Johannes VanDerBeek, Pilgrim Ghost, 2009 (near Dibner Library)
  • Christian de Vietri, The Gathering, 2009 (east side of The Commons)
  • Matt Irie and Dominick Talvacchio, Lamppost, 2009 (south end of The Commons)
  • Natasha Johns-Messenger, ThisSideIn, 2009 (in the lobby of One MetroTech Center)