Seminar: Control of a Class of Underactuated Mechanical Systems and Nonholonomic Systems

For NYU Community

Speaker: Prof. Tatsuo Narikiyo

Faculty Host: Prof. Farshad Khorrami


In this talk we consider the problem of stabilization control for nonlinear underactuated mechanical systems (UAMS) and robust adaptive control for nonholonomic systems. As is well known, we can categorize UAMS into two classes. One is a class of UAMS which can be stabilized by smooth static state feedback. The other is a class of UAMS which cannot be stabilized by the smooth static state feedback. We apply the newly developed control methodologies which combine passive velocity field control with decoupling vector field to the latter class of UAMS.

Nonholonomic systems are also included in the class of UAMS and have been extensively studied from the theoretical point of view. In this talk, we propose a new adaptive control scheme for a mobile manipulator from the practical point of view. The proposed adaptive control scheme consists of adaptive tracking control to desired position/force trajectories and robust control for unknown bounded disturbance. Furthermore, the attitude control problem of a planar space robot with flexible dual arms is addressed. The proposed control methodology is based on the geometric phase approach and the adaptive control scheme combined with the sliding mode control.

About the Speaker

Tatsuo Narikiyo was born in 1952 in Fukuoka, Japan. He received a BE degree in applied physics from Nagoya University in 1978 and a Dr. Eng. degree in control engineering from the same university in 1984. He had been a Research scientist at the Government Industrial Research Institute, Kyushu from 1983 to 1990. From April 1990 he was an Associate Professor in the department of Information and Control Engineering at Toyota Technological Institute. Since April 1998 he has been a Professor at the same Institute. His main research interests are in the control system design for nonlinear mechanical systems and robotics.