Tipping Point Partners' Lean Green Startup Machine

For NYU Community

Guest Lecture by Art Chang, Founder and CEO, Tipping Point Partners

Brought to you by: NYU-Poly's Department of Technology Management and NYU-Poly's 160 Varick Street Incubator

About the Lecturer

Art Chang has over 25 years experience with startup companies, including over 10 years in the New York City venture capital community. Art is the Founder of Tipping Point Partners, an alternative to traditional venture capital with a methodology that reduces execution and investment risk, optimizes growth potential, and minimizes cash expenditures.  Tipping Point focuses on entrepreneurs who have the domain expertise and relationships necessary for disruptive concepts to be embraced by leading companies in large markets. It organizes people, partnerships and capital and contributes its own team to help turn concepts into sustainable web-based businesses in as little six months. Tipping Point has helped launch companies in food, music, online games, mobile, fashion, music, social services, auctions and recipes in the U.S. and China. These companies include Cookstr, a chef-based online recipe search business that packages and syndicates food media online, offline and via mobile applications; Mobile Commons, a mobile information services provider that enables customers to design, manage and launch mobile marketing, information, and interactive game applications; PlaySpan, a communications and P2P trading platform for MMORPGs; and Casebook, an enterprise social network for social services caseworkers. Financial transactions have included IGA Worldwide's $12MM Series A round and PlaySpan's Series A round. Art’s $1.5 billion in financial transaction experience span the areas of enterprise software, grid computing, and interactive television. Art was a founder or manager in nine start-ups, including music e-commerce and television. Art’s early career in architecture ended with the architect I.M. Pei.

Art received his MBA from New York University's Stern School of Business and his BA from Yale in women’s studies with an art history concentration. Art lives in Brooklyn and has two fun-loving boys. Art was born in Atlanta, Georgia.