Physics Seminar - Transition Metal Oxide Heterostructures: A New Challenge for Many-body Physics

For NYU Community

Presenter: Andrew Millis, Professor of Physics, Columbia University

The striking electronic properties of transition metal oxides — including "Mott" metal insulator transitions, "colossal" magnetoresistance and high temperature superconductivity — have fascinated condensed matter physicists for decades. Physicists have recently succeeded in performing atomic-precision layer-by-layer growth of these compounds, opening exciting research directions. The new field of “transition metal oxide heterostructures’’ holds out the hope of devices which exploit the novel electronic behavior of transition metal oxides. Predicting the behavior of these new materials challenges condensed matter theory: is our understanding of many-fermion physics good enough to predict the properties of a heterostructure before it is created?

Light refreshments will be served.