3rd Annual Advances in Biomolecular Engineering: Protein Design Symposium

For NYU Community

The New York Academy of Sciences' Physical Sciences and Engineering Program, in conjunction with Polytechnic Institute of New York University, and The City College of New York/CUNY, will host this day-long symposium focusing on protein design, a subject that lies at the interface of chemistry, biology, engineering, and computer science.

The 3rd Advances in Biomolecular Engineering Symposium will highlight the recent advances in proteins, specifically focusing on innovative approaches to tailor proteins with unique functions and architectures.

This symposium is highly interdisciplinary and will bring together recognized scientists and engineers who are performing cutting-edge research with core knowledge in physical sciences and engineering. An important goal of this symposium is to highlight the research advances in protein design from academic, government, and industrial institutions by convening and promoting the exchange of ideas. Thus, there will be a poster session at the symposium. This session will provide individuals with the opportunity to present their research and interact with meeting attendees.

Call for Poster Abstracts: Deadline May 22
Register or submit poster abstracts via the New York Academy of Sciences’ web site

Jeffrey Hartgerink, Rice University
Amy Keating, MIT
Robert Kelly, North Carolina State University
David Lynn, Emory University
Costas Maranas, Pennsylvania State University
Anne Skaja Robinson, University of Delaware
Mark Young, Montana State University