Physics Seminar: DNA Crystal Based Advanced Architectures for Bio-Molecular Optoelectronics

For NYU Community

Presented By: Dr. Hong-Liang Cui, Prof. of Physics and Engineering Physics, Stevens Institute of Technology

In this talk I will describe our research program to establish a new scientific and technology foundation that will allow for the future realization of advanced integrated bio-molecular optoelectronic architectures. This research project seeks to leverage concepts of advanced functionality that already exist in nature through a detailed study of biologically-based molecular-level devices, subsystems, and systems, and consider them in the specific context of integrated platforms. Ultimately, the work would establish new device concepts, fabrication methodologies and modeling/design tools that are imperative for integrated bio-molecular optoelectronic architectures of the future. The central focus of this work is the construction and integration of novel architectural building blocks that are to be assembled.  These tasks include:

  • Defining and fabricating new DNA-based photonic band-gap wave-guiding structures to facilitate quasi-optical control of signal propagation in integrated bio-molecular electronic and optoelectronic systems;
  • Defining and studying new bio-inspired paradigms for establishing electro-optical communication channels and propagating wave control methodologies useful for incorporation into biologically-based devices and components; 
  • Defining and, modeling, fabricating and testing hybrid multi-terminal bio-molecular devices that can achieve
    • control and manipulation of signal propagation, and
    • enhanced sensor function, using molecular-level characteristics.

Light refreshments will be served.