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Completed Programs

Three objectives of the Title III grant were to integrate innovative technology and teaching methods to enhance classroom instruction. From 2008 to 2013, FITL successfuly completed these objectives.

Smart Classroom Project

A major grant objective was to increase the number of undergraduate student classrooms equipped with technology tools for teaching. From 2009 to 2013, FITL upgraded 41 classrooms to Smart Classrooms, now containing technology that enhances the classroom learning environment.

Different types of Smart Classrooms were developed based on student and faculty needs, physical space and the set project funding for the year.  The equipment installed in the classrooms included podium computers with technology-supported software, control processors and panels, interactive whiteboards or tablets, tracking cameras, high-quality projectors, screens, amplifiers & speakers, wireless microphones, and other teaching technologies to augment the instruction of the course. 

Over the five years of the grant, the number of faculty members incorporating educational technology into the classroom and curriculum increased.

Laptop Incentive Program

FITL administered a Laptop Incentive Program, annually enrolling full-time faculty in a 12-hour training program that introduced new teaching technologies and best practices for incorporating these tools in the classroom.

The goal of the program was to increase the number of faculty incorporating effective technological practices into their teaching. Each participant was awarded a new laptop upon completion of the program to facilitate access to the newest technology and apply this knowledge in their classroom.

At the end of the grant, 78 faculty members completed the Laptop Incentive Program.

Conference Grant Program

FITL annually awarded three faculty members an expense stipend to participate in a professional development conference that promoted the effective integration of technology in the classroom. 

Each year, FITL staff research and compile a list of educational and technological conferences taking place in the US. With the greater opportunities to attend conferences virtually, faculty have been able to participate both onsite and online.  This allowed FITL to increase the number of faculty who could take advantage of this program.