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Cayuse follow-up and new COI

Dear Faculty,

As we get closer to full integration with NYU, effective January 1, 2014, I wish to highlight a couple of items which will ultimately make your pre-proposal efforts easier, more seamless and compliant.

1. Per the community-wide email that I sent  last week, I hope all of you have already registered with Cayuse. This is the electronic system that will replace our .pdf of the Routing Form, which had to be printed out & physically signed. When you log in to NYU Home, you will see an option for "Cayuse SP". You should initiate a proposal in Cayuse SP as soon as you decide that you wish to submit a proposal.

Once you've followed this process and answered the questions, you will certify your proposal, and it will flow electronically to your Dept Head for his/her approval.  After your DH approves, it will automatically flow into Kurt Becker's queue for his approval, before ending, ultimately, in the Office of Sponsored Research, in the queue of your Project Officer. You, as PI, need to click “certify”  to get it on its way!  Your OSR Project Officer will help you through this process.

2. "Project -Specific" Financial Conflict of Interest Disclosure - This is a compliance requirement that we will, now, adopt as an additional part of any proposal that goes out the door. NYU uses a two part system for collecting COI information:  an Annual Survey is sent out to all faculty in the Spring which deals with all outside activities and commitments.

For every research proposal however, a project-specific disclosure is also required.  NYU is in the process of developing an electronic COI system, but they currently use one of two forms, depending on the funding source:, click on the first link for PHS (the U.S. Public Health Service) or the second link for all other sponsors.

In Cayuse, you will be prompted to disclosure and there are links to the disclosures, which when completed, should then be uploaded to the Cayuse file. There are agency-specific variations of the form, so please be mindful.

We believe you'll be very happy with how much easier Cayuse will make your lives! You can access and work on your proposals, together with your Project Officer, from anywhere in the world. If you have any questions, please call or email Alicia, Esther or me.

Best Regards,