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Letters of Recommendation

Letter of Recommendation

NYU Cyber Fellowship

Applicants to the NYU Cyber Fellowship program are not required to submit letters of recommendation for their initial application review. However, we do still ask that you provide the email addresses of two potential recommenders — professors, employers, supervisors, or others who can comment on your academic achievements, research potential, and your professional goals — in case our admissions committee determines that more information is needed before you can receive a decision. If more information is needed, our team will reach out to your recommenders at the provided emails to request they submit a letter of recommendation for you.

Your recommender does not have to have their letter of recommendation ready to go when you submit your application. However, we highly encourage you to let them know that you have listed them as a recommender and they may be contacted to submit a letter for you at a later time.

All Other Programs

You are required to send two Letters of Recommendation. Recommendations should be provided by professors, employers, supervisors, or others who are able to comment on your academic achievements, research potential and your professional goals (no friends or relatives please). We ask that you register your recommenders or third-party recommendation service in our online application system. Once registered, your recommenders will be prompted to submit their letters electronically. This method allows you to efficiently monitor and follow up with your recommenders.

It is recommended that you notify your recommenders beforehand, so that they are aware of the email notification prompting them to submit their letter online. If your recommenders are having difficulty with the submission form, please contact us at tandon.online@nyu.edu.

To submit a Letter of Recommendation by mail, we ask that your recommender provide this document on letterhead, sealed and mailed to our application processing center at the following address:

NYU Tandon School of Engineering
Graduate Admissions Processing Center
458 Pike Road
Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006