Registration FAQs | NYU Tandon School of Engineering


    Math and English-language Writing Exams

    Are the tests offered online or on campus?

    The math diagnostic will take place online. Since it is a proctored exam, you must sign up to take the math diagnostic. The English-language assessment is offered online and does not require a reservation.

    Registration will open up before I am able to take the math diagnostic exam. How will this affect my schedule?

    You can register for a Math Marker, a four credit placeholder. While the Marker will block off time in your schedule for your eventual math course, it does not guarantee that you will be able to secure a seat in a math class that takes place in the corresponding time.

    Make sure you drop the marker from your schedule, as soon as you are ready to register for your actual class. 

    Is there a deadline to complete the exams?

    Yes, the last date the exams are offered functions as the deadline. Remember, your schedule will NOT be complete until you have taken the exams and received a score. It is better to take the tests sooner rather than later.

    Math Diagnostic

    Do I need to schedule an appointment, or reserve a seat, to take the exam?

    Yes, all students must complete the reservation process to sit for the diagnostic exam. Don't forget to bring a form of photo ID (e.g. driver’s license, state ID, passport, etc) with you to the session.

    Is there an exemption process available for the diagnostic?

    Yes. Review the exemption policy to see if you meet the qualifications. 

    Can I take the math diagnostic as many times as I like?

    While it is true you can re-take the exam, the math department will limit you to two attempts. Please note the format of the exam will change after the first attempt — i.e. you will not be allowed to take the same exam, repeatedly.
    IMPORTANT: You can only repeat the diagnostic if exam sessions are still available. That said, if your first attempt occurs on the last scheduled exam session, then you will not be able to take the exam again.

    Are calculators allowed during the exam? 

     Yes, calculators are allowed during the exam. No restrictions have been placed on the type of calculator you can use during your first attempt. Please consult the rules and regulations section of the diagnostic webpage to review the calculators allowed when retaking the exam.

    What about my AP scores? Should I take the math diagnostic, even though I will be exempted from it if I get a 4 or 5 on the AP exam?

    Yes, you are exempted from taking the diagnostic with a 4 or 5 on one of the math AP calculus exams. If you believe that a score of this nature isn’t likely, you can take the math diagnostic, in advance of receiving your AP scores. Ultimately, it is your decision to make — wait to see how you perform on the AP exam, or take the diagnostic, knowing that a 4 or 5 on the AP exam will override your placement score.

    I have a 5 on the AB Calculus AP exam, and my friend has a 5 on the BC Calculus AP exam. We would like to repeat Calculus I and Calculus II, respectively. Is this possible? Can we do this without taking the math diagnostic?

    Yes, both of you can repeat calculus without taking the diagnostic exam. Again, as long as you have a qualifying score on the on the AB/BC exam, you meet the qualifications for the exemption process.

    I completed Calculus I at a local college during high school. Do I still need to take the diagnostic exam?

    If you completed a calculus course at another university, then you must have it evaluated to see if the course is equivalent to our classes. If the course is determined to be comparable to our curriculum, and you have earned a qualifying grade (C or higher), then you will receive transfer credit for the relevant calculus class. Additionally, you will not have to take the math diagnostic.

    Does the SoE offer any review sessions, individualized tutoring, or post old diagnostic exams online to help prepare for the exam?

    We structure the assessment process in a way that reflects your cumulative knowledge, spanning the length of your academic career. While we do not offer any of the test prep options, we can tell you that the exam is designed to determine your preparedness for our calculus curriculum — focus your prep efforts on algebra, trigonometry, and precalculus.

    Can I fail the math diagnostic?

    No, students who are not ready to take our first calculus class will be required to take precalculus. 

    Can I review my graded diagnostic exam?

    When things settle down during the third week of classes, the math department can arrange for you to go over your second exam attempt with a tutor.

    English-language Writing Placement Survey

    Are all students required to take the English-language writing placement?

    A select group of students will be required to take the exam.

    How do I know if I need to take the writing placement?

    Students will be notified by email of their status. Check your email account daily to see if you fall into the category of students who need to take the test.

    Do I need to schedule an appointment, or reserve a seat, to take the exam?

    No. The assessment will be offered online.

    Is there any way for a student to place out of the first year writing courses?

    No, all students, regardless of their AP or transfer credit background, are required to take the first year writing course. With approved transfer credits, you may receive credit for the second course.


    Placement Test Scores

    Where can I find my math and/or English-language writing placement scores?

    Your placement scores will be emailed to you — check your NYU account on a regular basis. Once your scores have been posted in Albert, our student information system, you will be able to add the relevant course to your schedule.

    If I take the placement exams before registration begins, will my scores be posted before my appointment date?

    Yes. Tests taken before the opening of the registration appointment period will be posted before then. If you take the exam after the appointment period opens, then you can expect to receive your scores within a week.


    AP Credits and IB Coursework

    What AP credits are accepted by the SoE?

    You can view the AP credit chart.

    Where can I view my AP credits?

    AP credits can be found in Albert. Use the following navigation to review your credits: Student Services Center> My Academics> Transfer Credit Report>Test Scores. Posted must be entered in the Status column in order for you to register with respect to your AP background. 

    Will I receive transfer credit for the completion of IB coursework?

    Yes. Review the IB credit chart to see how the coursework is recognized at Tandon.

    Majors and Minors

    Can I change my major during my first year?

    Yes, you can change your major during your first year of study. The curriculum during the first year is pretty similar across majors, thereby, making it fairly easy to change your academic plan.

    I’m interested in pursuing a double major, what are my options?

    We have two established major options at the School of Engineering that focuses on two academic disciplines: Math & Physics and Electrical & Computer Engineering. These pathways can be declared as a major by students at the time of application or during their enrollment at the institution. Tandon students are also eligible to complete a second (non-primary) major in a distinct discipline other than their primary declared major, both within the Tandon School of Engineering and at other undergraduate schools of NYU. Declaring a second major is an option for all undergraduate students at Tandon, as long as they are in good academic standing and receive approval from authorized personnel from both academic departments. Declaration of the second major will be allowed after your first year of enrollment, and must be done before you complete/earn 80 credits towards your primary major.

    I am interested in taking classes towards my second major as soon as possible. Can I make this happen during my first year at Tandon?

    You must adhere to the prescribed course sequence for your primary major during your first year.

    I am interested in pursuing a minor. When do I make this official?

    Typically, students start to take classes in this area after consulting with their departmental advisors; this can happen as early as their sophomore year. If you are truly interested in declaring a minor, use your first year of study to explore your options, so that you are better prepared to have this discussion with your departmental advisor, during your sophomore year. 

    Pre-registration Tutorial

    What is the purpose of the Pre-registration Tutorial?

    The Pre-registration Tutorial is a series of recordings and documents, teaching you how to select and enroll in the appropriate classes, with respect to your major.

    Do I have to complete the Pre-registration Tutorial? If so, when?

    Yes, you have to complete this instructional package and take a quiz afterward; these items should be completed before your registration appointment date.

    When will this information be available for viewing?

    The tutorial will be released before the registration appointment period begins. Check the list of important dates for more information.

    I will be out of town in June and July. Will this affect my ability to watch the tutorial?

    Since the pre-registration tutorial will be posted online, it should NOT be impacted by your vacation plans. All you need is a computer and internet access to view the recordings and complete the related quiz. Remember, you MUST watch the package, from beginning to end, in order to be cleared for registration — you will not be able to register for classes, before completing all that is associated with this process.

    Cross-school Registration

    When can I start taking classes at other schools of NYU?

    Typically, students interested in taking classes at other schools of NYU do so after their first year. Completion of the foundational courses at the SoE should be the primary focus during the first year of study.

    Is there a limit to the number classes I can take?

    Yes and no.  As a School of Engineering student, you are allowed to count up to four classes, taken at other divisions of NYU, towards your graduation. It is imperative you consult with your departmental adviser, before enrolling in classes, so that you can discuss how the courses you intend to take will factor into your academic plan.