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Lecture Capture

Record • Instruct • Review

Lecture capture recordings supplement regular class sessions by allowing students to review material after class sessions and to fill in information they might have missed during class.

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About the Technology

The lecture capture system automatically records the lectures for participating courses, and makes these lectures available online for students enrolled in that course. Each recording provides students access to:

  • Video of the instructor

  • Classroom projector display, whiteboard/chalkboard notes

  • Instructor audio

Each session recording is automatically uploaded to Media Gallery in NYU Brightspace.

Location of the Technology

Lecture capture service, Briteclass, is available in classrooms and spaces at NYU Tandon.

Briteclass equipped classrooms are managed by Media Services. These learning spaces can be found at 6 MetroTech Center (Rogers Hall and Jacobs Academic Building), and 5 MetroTech Center (Pfizer Auditorium). 

  • RH 202, RH 204, RH 215, RH 304, JAB 474, JAB 475, and Pfizer Auditorium

For Instructors

Briteclass Classrooms

Any class scheduled in a lecture capture classroom or space in 6 MetroTech Center and 5 MetroTech Center will automatically be enrolled in the Briteclass lecture capture service. The system turns itself on and off automatically to capture participating courses.

No extra steps are required of participating faculty members beyond wearing a wireless microphone during class to record the lecture.

Instructions on the lecture capture program are provided to all instructors assigned to the lecture capture spaces.

Instructors who would prefer that their lectures not be recorded may opt out of the program by emailing SOE-lecturecapture@nyu.edu with a request to opt out.

Briteclass Instructions for Instructors

Requesting Lecture Classrooms

Faculty members may request that their classes be scheduled in a lecture capture classroom, if available, at the time when courses are being scheduled. Interested faculty should notify their department’s course scheduler, when course scheduling is being done for the semester.

For questions about the lecture capture program, please contact SOE-lecturecapture@nyu.edu.

For Students

Any class scheduled in a lecture capture classroom will be automatically recorded and accessed directly from NYU Brightspace.

Instructions on the lecture capture program are provided to all students assigned to the lecture capture spaces.

Briteclass Instructions for Students