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Assessment Strategies

Design • Assign • Grade

Instructors can utilize various methods of assessment to evaluate student understanding throughout the course of the semester.



Assessing in a Digital Space

Think about your current methods for evaluating student understanding. 

  • What types of assessment you use? 
  • When do you assess students?
  • What tools to you use to create assessments?
  • How do you structure assessments?
  • How do you administer assessments?

Tools for Creating Assessments

Instructors can facilitate the process for students to demonstrate their knowledge, skills and understanding of course content. There are various tools and strategies for creating and administering assessments for each mode of instruction.

Designing Assessments in NYU Brightspace

An online submission tool for student work with TurnItIn integration, the originality detection service.

NYU Brightspace: Create and Manage Assignments

NYU Brightspace: Assess Assignments

NYU Brightspace: TurnItIn Integration for Instructors

A web-based assignment submission and grading platform that streamlines the submission and grading process of handwritten and digital assessments.

Grading with Gradescope

Use to help evaluate users' learning progress and learning outcomes.

Questions types include: True/False, Multiple Choice, Multi-Select, Written Response, Short Answer, Multi-Short Answer, Fill-in-the-Blanks, Matching, Ordering, Arithmetic, Significant Figures

NYU Brightspace: Quizzes

Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor is a new proctoring tool that is integrated with NYU Brightspace Quizzes. LockDown Browser provides security by locking student computers from accessing other applications. Whereas, Monitor utilizes LockDown Browser with the addition of automated or live proctoring that helps ensure academic integrity from any location. Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor is currently being piloted at NYU. Instructors will need to complete the request form for the tool to be added to your course site(s).

NYU Brightspace: Respondus LockDown Browser for Instructors

Respondus Request Form for Instructors

Tools for Grading

An NYU Brightspace course site can be used to collect student work, assess student comprehension, track student progress and communicate grades.

Calculate, store and distribute grades to students.

Structuring Your Gradebook in NYU Brightspace

Grades can be pulled from NYU Brightspace to Albert, the student information system, in a 5-step process: Pull Grades from NYU Brightspace.

Please email to report any you encounter with the grade pull process. 

Build analytic rubrics (multiple criterion) or holistic rubrics (one criterion).

NYU Brightspace: Rubrics