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SRS Technology for Students

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Learn about how the Student Response System (SRS) enables students to participate in class, learn content, and measure comprehension.

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Using the Student Response System (SRS) gives your professor instant feedback about student responses to in‐class questions and quizzes. SRS can be used via a web browser or an app on any mobile device (smartphone/tablet/laptop).

Using SRS in class means that:

  • You stay engaged

  • You can participate more actively in class

  • Professors can review or focus on the areas where students are unclear

  • You get a heads up on what you know and don’t know so well

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All incoming first-year students and new transfer students will receive a TurningPoint subscription, regardless of your major or the classes you are taking. The subscription will be valid for 5 years and will be used in many of your classes at the School of Engineering. 

Prior to beginning your first semester at NYU Tandon, you will need to complete the Student Response System Tutorial on NYU Classes. By completing the tutorial, you will learn how to create and activate your TurningPoint account, which syncs with NYU Classes so your professor knows that you are participating in poll activities.


At NYU Tandon, professors will use the student response system to pose questions and take class attendance. Your professor will provide a Session ID, the unique code you will need to participate in the session. Students will use their web enabled mobile device to enter a response.  

The SRS Student Guide provides detailed information about how the SRS is used at the School of Engineering and what to do if you encounter any difficulty with your TurningPoint account or app. 

SRS Student Guide

Technical Support

For any issue you have with your TurningPoint account or app, whether it be lost, broken or anything else, the first thing to do is notify your professor. If you do not, your responses may not be counted in a response poll. For answers to frequently asked questions, consult the SRS Student Guide and the SRS Student FAQs for First-year and transfer students.

SRS Student FAQs: First-year Students  SRS Student FAQs: Transfer Students



Visit: FITL is located in 5 MetroTech Center in LC 444. To get to LC 444, enter Dibner Library on the 3rd floor. Take the inside stairs to the upper level and walk to the right. You will see a door marked 444 in the corner.