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Remote Instruction

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Instruction can be delivered from remote locations. By using Zoom in NYU Classes, instructors can schedule and start meetings in order to deliver course lectures and interact with students synchronously.

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Remote Instruction

Remote Instruction with Zoom

Remote Instruction with Zoom

This introductory, training presentation contains a step-by-step guide for setting up your NYU Zoom account, scheduling a meeting through NYU Classes, and facilitating a meeting with your students.

Remote Instruction Support from NYU IT

NYU IT provides guides, tutorials, and training sessions for all NYU faculty.

Remote Instruction with Zoom FAQs

This document provides all of the frequently asked questions about Zoom from NYU Tandon Faculty.

Remote Assessment

Remote assessment strategies

Remote Assessment Strategies and Approaches for Faculty

This document provides faculty with strategies and approaches for administering assessments remotely.

Grading with Gradescope

Learn about how Gradescope streamlines the submission and grading process of handwritten assignments and assessments.