Learning Management System

The Learning Management System (LMS) in use at the School of Engineering is NYU Classes, powered by the Sakai open-source collaborative learning environment.

NYU Classes is an online communication and interaction tool used by academic and non-academic communities.

Instructors can use the LMS to enhance classroom instruction through content sharing, collaborative capabilities, assignments and other assessment tools, Gradebook functionality, and more.

Students can use the LMS to review course content, connect with their peers and stay on track with assignments and due dates. Review Training for Students for more information.

Non-academic communities can use the LMS to communicate with members of their organization and promote community events.

Training is available to faculty and staff on using the LMS for interacting with students, delivering content, and assessing and grading students.

Community Engagement Tools

Faculty, staff, and students at the School of Engineering have access to a selection of tools for engaging communities outside of the course setting. The FITL Center can help you build an effective online resource for your:  

  • Department
  • Committee
  • Student group
  • Professional society
  • Student-focused program
  • Other community

The most popular tools for online communication with communities are NYU Classes project sitesNYU Web Publishing, and NYU Sites + NYU Groups via Google apps for education. Complete the questionnaire below to begin the process for developing your online resource.