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Bridging the gap between industry and academia

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Why Tandon Professional?

As technology and disruption accelerate change in every industry, the need for more connectivity — across disciplines, teams, and ideas — grows ever more essential. To keep pace with rapid change, engineers are flexing into new roles and responsibilities on cross-functional teams, working in an increasingly collaborative manner, and rising to strategic leadership positions.

In this environment, engineers must continually develop their interdisciplinary practices to innovate and advance in their respective fields. Innovation demands unconventional ideas, and unconventional engineers to execute them. Tandon’s Professional programs exist to support this movement by connecting industry experts, faculty and working professionals in a learning environment dedicated to career development and innovation. With programming geared to emerging opportunities and needs in the field, Tandon is not only bridging the gap between industry and academia, but also between disciplines to address the interdisciplinary nature of innovation, product development and technology leadership.

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