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Baruch College Zicklin School of Business

M.S. in Business Analytics, Quantitative Methods & Modeling, Information Systems, and Statistics

Receive a world-class education at the #1 ranked public business school in NYC by choosing one of Zicklin’s four STEM Data Science programs that will teach you how to master data.

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Baruch College Zicklin School of Business


The data revolution is here. Every smartphone, bar code scan, satellite, even Uber ride creates a flood of data that can be analyzed for patterns and insights. According to the World Economic Forum, the entire digital universe will soon reach 44 zettabytes—the equivalent of 44 sextillion bytes.

This data deluge has created a demand for analysts who have the knowledge and skills to discern impactful data vs. superfluous information. On a given day, there are more than 19,000 full-time jobs in data science listed on And according to LinkedIn, “data science specialist” is one of the fastest-growing jobs.

Curious about data science and data analytics? The Zicklin School of Business offers a variety of programs depending on your background and interests.

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Master of Science in Business Analytics

Take a deep dive into applied business analytics with a choice of emphasis on data analytics, marketing analytics, or accounting analytics.


View Business Analytics, M.S.


Master of Science in Quantitative Methods and Modeling

Gain maximum flexibility in designing your degree with courses from Operations Research, Statistics, and Information Systems.


View Quantitative Methods and Modeling, M.S.


Master of Science in Statistics

Prepare for a career as a statistics professional with a deep emphasis on quantitative models for decision-making with large datasets.

View Statistics, M.S.

Master of Science in Information Systems

Get a comprehensive technology program with a focus on applied data analytics.

View Information Systems, M.S.