Meet Salonia Burt

Systems Engineer at McMaster-Carr in NYC. Specialized in digital business innovation.

Salonia Burt

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What was your program of study and focus?

Alumni of the 2021 Management of Technology, M.S. Online. My focus was in digital business innovation.


What is your dream job and how does this program align with your career goals?

I'd say my dream career is to become a product manager. Completing the MOT program definitely aligns with that goal. You learn topics around digital business, global innovation, and then you will also learn more administrative tasks like accounting.


Have you been able to apply any of the skills you've learned in the program to your current work role?

At the time of completing my degree, I was also working at the University in more of a systems administrator capacity. However, when the pandemic began sequentially, I was also taking the course project management with my program. So I think that was a peak moment where I was transferring the skills that I learned in project management in terms of establishing a schedule, avoiding scope creep, having things be precise and fit within the actual goal of the project, and completely apply that to the things we were doing in the work place.


How would you describe the online learning experience?

I had never been a part of a program that was fully online. My undergrad was a more traditional college experience where you know you attended class every day and the work was to be completed synchronously. Having the option to complete work sort of on my own time outside of work was really intriguing to me, given that I was a working professional working 40 hours a week and it would be really difficult for me to commute.