Meet Reynard Harrison

Dream job is to be a director of IT. Specialized in innovation and technology.


Watch Reynard's Program Experience video.



What was your program of study and focus?

Management of Technology, M.S. Online. My focus was innovation and technology.


What is your dream job?

My dream job is to be a director of IT.


Have you been able to apply any of the skills you've learned in the program to your current work role?

My second course that I really took to was finance, which was my first semester, and I just needed to dig down a little bit deeper. I took accounting in my bachelor's but I needed to know more to get more responsibility, and I think that helps with my current job. I can, you know I can do some formulas, not every single thing, but some things I can conquer.


How would you describe the online learning experience?

It's been wonderful...There were a bunch of networking amongst staff, amongst alumni. In the evening I would join those groups and conversations.